To see families living with dignity and free of poverty.

​​​​​Positive Life Kenya

Board of Directors

or in Kenya 

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Lilian Ayodi  is a social worker by profession with vast experience with children issues.    She is a voluntary child officer in Kajiado county.

Jonathan Munyiri is a high school teacher currently teaching at Mangu High school.

Margaret Njuguna is the Director/Founder of En-Gedi Children’s Home, a home for children with special needs. Margaret worked with World Renew, the Development Agency of the Christian Reformed Church of North America for 27 years. 

Daniel Wabwire has worked for Caritas Italiana, caritas internationalis and Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops. Currently lecturers in Philosophy of Education.

Mary Wabwire has worked for Peacenet Kenya, Anita children’s home (Koinonia Community). Currently, she is the Executive Director of Positive Life Kenya.

Mary Wanderi is the Director and founder of Living Positive Kenya. 

Violet Wanza works for Kenya Broadcasting Cooperation (KBC) and active in civil society reporting.

International Advocates

Alex Blanco is the Director of Global Logistics at a USA company.  

Laura Tamminen has studied geography and development studies in the University of Helsinki, Finland. She is also a teacher in geography and biology, and a member of Living Positive Finland.

Peter G. Martin. International Relations/ Sociology/Counseling.  He is Chair of CARE Action Network in New York and working with Federation of Organizations as an Outreach Care Coordinator.

Teresita Maz is the Director of Operational Excellence at a private foundation in North Carolina, USA.