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To see healthy and empowered communities living with hope and equal opportunities.

​​​Children are the most vulnerable population affected by poverty and HIV/AIDS.  The UNICEF estimates that children below 18 years make up 49 per cent of the population of Kenya, and 62 per cent of the population is below 24 years old. Over 75 per cent of children and adolescents experience one or more deprivations of their rights, including limited access to safe water and improved sanitation, education and health and nutrition services.  

One of our main goals is to offer opportunities for our children in Mlolongo, Athi River, Lukenya Hills and other communities we serve. 

Our program provide care and support to children under 14 years old through education, nutrition, and extracurricular activities at New Hope Tumaini School and Kiotani School Lukenya (Day/Boarding School and Farm), as well as sponsorship opportunities to attend boarding school, 

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Child and Youth Welfare Program