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To see healthy and empowered communities living with hope and equal opportunities.

Positive Life Kenya caters to hundreds of children and their families. Due to unforeseen circumstances and extreme poverty, many of these children are being denied the right and privilege to an education. Through our Scholarships, children can have an opportunity to excel and thrive in a positive learning environment.

Our scholarship funding is created as 'pool funds' from individual and corporate donors and is distributed among children attending our schools, based on need.

We have retired our former sponsorship program which benefited one child, per sponsor. The pool funding will help us support as many students as possible, creating a more equitable environment for all our children to access education at our schools. 

​Our scholarships will continue to help us protect children from harm and provide them with hope for the future.

If you want to contribute to our scholarship pool funding, please contact us at info@positivelifekenya.org.​  With your support, you are not helping a needy child, instead, you are supporting a group of children reach their full potential for a brighter future and making a greater impact in our communities.