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To see healthy and empowered communities living with hope and equal opportunities.

​​​​​Positive Life Kenya

HIV+ Support 

HIV education includes informing and teaching those living with HIV on how to cope with their HIV positive status, the importance of following their medication needs, how to battle the stigma against individuals with HIV.

Our work in this field also includes a women’s counseling group for both, those impacted by this illness, as well as any other members of the community who need emotional and psychological support. 

Health Program

We do not discriminate and we do our best to assist every man, woman, and child that reaches out to us for help. The communities we work in are disadvantaged on several levels; common obstacles for the individuals we work with include educational barriers, occupational insufficiencies, and health care disparities.

​Our community outreach program has expanded in the last year and now we have several communities support groups around Mlolongo and Athi River.  Our social workers and community specialists visit the neighborhoods to conduct community meetings on a weekly basis to discuss different issues and help find solutions or provide the support these families need..

In addition, we are partnering with local and national organizations and networks that work on different social, health and economic issues including HIV/AIDS education and awareness, economic development, social entrepreneurship and micro-finance.  This is allowing us to exchange ideas, advocate for our communities and find inter-institutional support for our programs.   

All our accomplishments could not be possible without the help of our sponsors, donors and supporters.

Our program focuses on the most vulnerable members of the community including those living with or affected by HIV, caregivers (grandparents, guardians, family members of orphaned children) and youth. Our community health workers work in different geographic areas including Mlolongo, Kicheko Slum, City Carton and the Athi River Area. 

Our work is accomplished through site visits to provide therapy, counseling for HIV+ members that usually don´t come to our offices or are isolated in their own communities, education (health issues, HIV prevention,vocational training, trade skills), home-based care, medical support (referrals and basic care), nutrition, business training, microfinance and savings program, as well as sponsorship opportunities.