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To see families living with dignity and free of poverty.

​​​​​Positive Life Kenya

Kiotani School Lukenya - Primary School & Boarding Facility

Kiotani (Swahili for ‘Inside the nest’) is Primary School and Boarding Facility for more than 200 children, including highly vulnerable and orphaned children form our surrounding communities. We have a running farm that helps support the education as well as nutrition for our children.

Over the years our work within the community has indicated the necessity to provide a safe haven for vulnerable children. Positive Life Kenya is often faced with the challenge of how and where to care for children who are either abandoned or whose parents have deceased. Thank to the support of 'New Hope Foundation' we were able to purchase 5 acres of land in Lukenya Hills, drill a water well, install solar panels, and build the infrastructure for a complete boarding facility.  

In addition, several donors through ‘Sponsors for Kenya‘ have helped us equip the area with a greenhouse, some building projects, an internship house, a playground, a livestock house, as well as materials and supplies for the school.

The objectives of the Kiotani project are to:

  • Improve access to basic school facilities for orphaned and vulnerable children from Mlolongo slums area
  • Improve health, education, and security outcomes for these children
  • Ensure these children have the education and resources to maximize their potential

This project has a strong emphasis on sustainable development. We have installed solar panels to ensure sustainability and reduce electricity costs. The greenhouse and crop field are used to grow different crops such as tomatoes, kale, spinach, eggplant, and onions. Additionally, goats, chickens and cows are also used to provide food for the children and create revenue for the school.

Kiotani is flourishing with fruit and vegetable plants, kids are having a blast and we continue to grow and improve our infrastructure. 

If you would like to support this project, please contact us at donate@positivelifekenya.org