The Stephen Lewis Foundation

The Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF) is an non-profit organization located in Toronto, Canada that works with community-level organizations that provide care and support to women, orphaned children, grandmothers and people living with HIV & AIDS. Since 2003, the organization has funded over 1,400 initiatives, partnering with more than 300 community-based organizations in the 15 African countries hardest hit by the global AIDS epidemic.

Stiftelsen New Hope Reseindustrins Barnfond

New Hope is a foundation located in Stockholm, Sweden, and registered with the Swedish Fundraising Control since 1989. The organization works to help children all over the world to a better future, with a main focus on child education and basic health for children. New Hope is run by volunteers and project ambassadors.

Network for Voluntary Services (NVS)

NVS connects international volunteers with local community development projects. They are currently providing Positive Life Kenya with international volunteers who come and provide assistance with our programs.

Sponsors for Kenya

Sponsors for Kenya are a group of volunteers from Sweden who have been working rigorously to find sponsors to build a safe village/orphanage in Lukenya Hills for the vulnerable families and orphaned children around Mlolongo.

Sunripe Limited

​Sunripe Ltd provides Positive Life Kenya with vegetables on a weekly basis, which helps us offer our  kids a healthy meal everyday, Vegetables are also distributed to some of the women in our programs to assist in feeding their families.

Volunteer International Community Development – Africa (VICDA)

Volunteer International Community Development Africa (VICDA) is a Non-Governmental Organization located in Nairobi, Kenya. VICDA was founded with the goal of helping needy Kenyans with the assistance of international volunteers in various development projects ranging from schools to hospitals to counselling programs.

100% for the Children

100% for the Children works to secure rights of children and youths that live/work at dumpsites, have special needs or live in marginalized communities in Kenya and Ghana. The organization runs 8 projects all focused on children and youth empowerment. In Denmark they do advocacy for children’s rights and sustainable development in schools and at events.

CISU - Civil Society in Development

CISU - Civil Society in Development is an independent association of 280+ small and medium-sized Danish Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). All members are actively engaged in development work in Asia, Africa or Latin America - either as their main engagement or as part of their activities.

​​​​​Positive Life Kenya

To see hopeful families living with dignity in a positive environment free of HIV and AIDS