To see families living with dignity and free of poverty.

Sewing classes at our Empowerment Centre

There are many different opportunities for sponsorship through Positive Life Kenya. Our sponsors are changing lives forever by 1), providing educational opportunities to children and saving them from dangerous and even life threatening situations and 2) empowering under privileged women to support their families, work for their communities and be an integral part of society.. 

Sponsoring Through Our Empowerment Centre

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Jewelry made at our Empowerment Centre

When community members first joins our Empowerment Centre it is usually because they are unable to provide for themselves and their children. Although we provide training classes to empower them economically, sometimes they have to drop out because they must find immediate means supporting themselves and their families financially. The ultimate goal of this program is for our people to be able to start their own business, provide for their families, generate jobs for others in their communities and be a model for their children and the society.

Sponsoring a Child's Education

You can give a woman a better future by sponsoring her to attend our training classes. Sponsoring our program, not only helps these women to start on the path of earning an income free of dangers and instability, but it also assists with the maintenance of the project as a whole.

* Start up materials = 59 USD

* 6 months training class = 282 USD (covering the cost of food and rent for the woman and her family)

* We also encourage providing a woman with her own manual foot pedal sewing machine once she has graduated from the 6 month training course. This ensures that she will be able to begin generating income at home immediately. The sewing machine cost is 175 USD. Please keep in mind that these expenses may vary in accordance with exchange rates.

If you are interested in sponsoring a woman or our program, please contact us at We will be happy to send you additional information.

Sponsor Teresita Maz with Kawua Mathew, who is in boarding school, #1 in his class and a bright future ahead.

When you sponsor a child, he or she is able to enroll in school fulltime in a safe environment. The children who need sponsorship mainly come from slums where nutrition and safety are a daily concern. Many of these children go hungry and are fortunate if they are given one meal per day. Additionally, the lack of police presence in such areas results in crime that often targets these children, such as rape, assault and varying levels of abuse.

Your sponsorship will help us place at-risk children in safe boarding schools and provide them with an opportunity for education, safe environment and a better future.

Contact us at for additional information, sponsorship guidelines and contribution requirements.