To see hopeful families living with dignity in a positive environment free of HIV and AIDS

​​​​​Positive Life Kenya

Our Women Empowerment Program focuses on helping women who come from impoverished communities learn how to become self sufficient and confident in their own abilities. Through our Women Empowerment Centre, we teach them bead-making, tailoring, dressmaking, entrepreneurship and microfinance.  This enables them to be financially stable and positively contribute to the society.

This program is open to any women in the community and we encourage participation through our community outreach efforts.  However, Positive Life Kenya has identified a immediate need for many women and young girls in the area around Mlolongo. 

Many of the women have worked in the sex trade (this is a very common way of women and girls earning their living) in and around Mlolongo and some of them are still in rehabilitation.  Recent studies have shown that commercial sex workers choose to remain sexually involved in the business despite acknowledging the potential and deadly role of the HIV pandemic.  Due to lack of education, extreme poverty, and the appeal of fast money,  despite the danger involved in prostitution, many of the women choose to remain in the sex trade.

Our organization saw an opportunity to pull women from prostitution and place them in an income generating program to offer them other options to prostitution.  

An income gives our members a sense of independence and an opportunity to provide for their children and their families. We train women in the skills necessary to start their own business and assist with start-up materials or capital. Currently our members are crafting school uniforms, taking orders for clothing, and making jewelry.

You can give a woman a better future by sponsoring her to attend the classes at our Women Empowerment Centre. These sponsorships not only help women start on the path of earning an income free of dangers and instability, but it also assists their families and the maintenance of the project as a whole.

For more information on how to sponsor a woman or our Women Empowerment Centre, please contact us at

Women Empowerment Program