To see families living with dignity and free of poverty.

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The Lives We Impact

Dear Sponsor,

...“Before you came to our lives me and my siblings used to work for people in exchange for food. We were always sent away from school for lack of tuition fees and other school requirements and therefore we used to miss out so much from school. Thank you so much for taking us in as your children and paying for our school fees. It reaches a time when I was to give up on life, but you had really made me proud. I now understand that everything will be possible. I hope that the Almighty God will continue rewarding you for your good deeds."...


Susan A., 17

High School. Student

​​​—  Orphan & Vulnerable Children

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Through our sponsorship program, you can give a child the opportunity to become an essential part of their communities. and allow them to contribute to our society.

We strongly believe in a holistic approach to supporting the families in our community by delivering programs focused on their most critical needs:

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Positive Life Kenya works to break the cycle of poverty by educating and empowering marginalized families to build healthy environments for their children to thrive and create lasting change.

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